Cans in Cannes ?

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Cans in Cannes ?

posted on: November 20, 2019
in: Latest News

At the TFWA in Cannes recently, we had a chance to show our customers the latest still wines in cans. The humble aluminium can has a lot to offer in terms of sustainability (metal is recyclable forever), shelf life, weight and size. Are the travelling public ready for wine in a can ? We’re ready.

Sustainable PET bottle

R&B announce that the next generation of sustainable PET bottles are coming soon.

From January 2020 R&B will be filling 187ml multilayer PET bottles that are made from a minimum of 30% recycled PET. As availability increases so will the level of R-PET used in each bottle. R&B were first to market with the 100% recyclable bottle back in 2010 and are proud to be first to market, in the UK, with this pioneering R-PET bottle.

World Travel Catering Expo – Hamburg 31st March 2020

R&B are pleased to announce their attendance to this important exhibition and look forward to seeing you there.